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First Judges meeting concluded successfully
Eminent judges in the panel deliberated on the process and applauded the successful completion of the submission of designs by jewellery designers. Young and talented jewellery designers from countries such as UAE, Iran, Saudi Arabia, India, Oman, Africa and many other economies submitted exquisite designs inspired more

Heritage Jewellery Design Awards
Heritage Jewellery Design GIA
With its pure-white petals and sunny centre, the "common daisy" is anything but ordinary. Even the origin of the flower's name- daes eage in Old English, or "day's eye" - is a lovely nod to the daisy's early-morning bloom, and the awakening of a new day. Though there are some variations in colour - rosy, purple and orange hues do more
Current Design News
Talented Jewellery Designer’s Revive Heritage Jewellery of the Arab World
The first edition of ‘The New Jeweller Heritage Jewellery Design Competition’ saw stupendous success as young and talented Jewellery designers created masterpieces taking inspiration from the Arab Heritage. This first edition of the competition is presented by JAWHARA JEWELLERY GROUP, powered by the GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA [GIA], and supported by DUBAI DESIGN & FASHION COUNCIL and ZAYED UNIVERSITY.
This first of its kind competition aimed to bring back the glory and prestige of the Ancient Arab jewellery that has always enjoyed a place of pride when it comes to intricate design and craftsmanship. It is a known fact that the Arab world and the more