www.heritagejewellerydesign.com is one of the first web portals dedicated to the Heritage and Ancient jewellery of the world. Every economy across continents boasts of its respective tradition and culture which perfectly blends with the jewellery that they prefer and wear. Heritage and ancient jewellery is an intrinsic art that captures the character of the people and habitat of every country and is a true inspiration for jewellery designers of today. Research is witness to the intricate craftsmanship that is displayed in every jewellery piece created by talented artisans of yester era which today, is hidden in the shadows of cutting edge technology and machine tools that is used for producing jewellery.

www.heritagejewellerydesign.com is a sincere effort to revive the heritage and ancient designs of the world and bring back to the canvass the glory and pride that the heritage jewellery designs once enjoyed. Jewellery designers of today are thirsty for inspiration and what better than heritage designs to motivate them to reach the stardom that they aspire.

The New Jeweller Group with decades of experience in providing authentic media tools for the jewellery sector has always strived to work towards the progress of the industry. The New Jeweller Group in its many years, has witnessed transformation of the jewellery segment, be it US, Europe, Asia or the Middle Eastern markets and appreciates each and every jeweller for his / her entrepreneurial skills and innovative mind. www.heritagejewellerydesign.com is a tribute to all the artisans and craftsmen who started a revolution, a revolution of making not just jewellery, but DESIGNER JEWELLERY.

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